Noisy Loud AC Compressor Is Driving Me Crazy

HELP! MY NOISY LOUD A/C COMPRESSOR DRIVING ME CRAZY?  It is an everyday occurrence that we hear from folks their neighbor’s noisy loud AC is so loud. Some say it’s a buzzing noise, some a humming and some it’s just plain loud and runs all the time and driving them crazy.  Actually, it runs ALL night long and never stops. With hot humid temperatures comes the need for the air conditioner to run and to bring some relief to homeowners.
In communities where homes are sometimes close together, noise from the air conditioner or pool pumps may have that usually friendly neighbor becoming a bit more distant, and we don’t mean farther away. The culprit…the A/C unit!
It may be the air conditioner is in an area of the house that is echoing and reflecting the noise to both you and your neighbor, creating an echo chamber and causing the noise level to become higher and more under window Some homeowners have and A/C unit right under their window. How do you solve that problem, they ask? We have provided a picture of another customer that was in that difficult situation.

Homes with alcoves or fences within range can increase levels that only amplify the noise. If this is happening at your house or the neighbors, you may ask, Can Quiet Fence™ help us? YES!
A few examples are shown in these photos are of areas that cause bigger issues and you may need to have our folks explain the best placement of Quiet Fence and how to deal with the reflective sound.


These photos tell the story of how equipment placement is important. Homeowner buy homes with the air conditioner already in place and have no choice but to live with the situation, while others can be instrumental in choosing where they want the A/C installed.
Noise pollution is a huge problem in America and communities are regulating how loud some equipment can be and are establishing ordinances to control different noise levels. There are several cities that are regulating noise. Visit us at

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