“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me on a recent Saturday to help me set up my Quiet Fence and even send me additional fence sections. My AC condensers are on the other side of my bedroom wall and the noise of the condenser kicking in would frequently wake my wife and me. It became a game of keeping the AC high and sleeping in a hot room or getting woken up. The Quiet Fence partitions have cut the noise level by at least 75% and now I have to be listening to hear the units kick in. You have a great product and awesome customer service. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

– David K. Bridgehampton, NY

HI Vivian,

I recently purchased 5 sections of QuietFence to deal with a new house next door with two AC units. Placed 30 feet from my bedroom window. And I’m a recording engineer with ears that are attuned to sound, good and bad. (Actually, I successfully made the developer pay for the QuietFence but that is another story!)

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first as I have built recording studios and understand the construction techniques and costs associated with eliminating noise but QuiteFence has really surprised me with its effectiveness as it is so light in weight. To be clear, this will Not totally eliminate the sound of the AC units but it reduces the noticeable sound of the units to such a degree as to be unnoticeable for my wife and everyone around me. I notice the AC units initially going on but it becomes basically a low level white noise that does not bother me. Even at night when the birds and day noises are silent it does not keep me up when I go to bed.

If I had anything to desire on this product, it is a simpler manner to fix fence stakes to QuietFence when staking them in place around your AC unit(s). You can get the green fence stakes at any Home Depot or Lowes or I also found using a 3/8″ diameter metal rod with some pipe clamps worked better depending on the type of dirt you are banging into (metal rods worked better for me when there was crushed stone used around the AC unit platforms ). In any case, when you try to screw into the plastic I found it easier if I pre-drilled a very thin pilot hole in the QuietFence just to help start the screws.

This is a worthwhile solution to this all too common annoyance and I am very happy to have found this item.

– Jeff C.
Boston, MA
July 1, 2014

Dear Vivian,

I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service and to let you know how well the Quiet Fence really works. We have been living in our home for 2 years now and had no idea that our air conditioning unit was disturbing our next door neighbors. Their bedroom window is right by our unit and when it kicks on it is very loud and wakes them up. They had complained several times about our dogs barking when really, it wasn’t our dogs that were upsetting them, it was our AC unit. After talking to them for awhile, I promised to come up with a solution and combed the internet for hours looking for one. I was hoping someone had made a product such as yours but, didn’t really believe I was going to find an inexpensive solution that would work for us. I thought I was going to have to pay thousands of dollars to build a block wall across the side of our house. I was very skeptical that the Quiet Fence would work but, I read other people’s testimonials and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it quiet down the noise of our unit, it also covers the unsightly view of it from the road. So our neighbors are happy and so are we
Thank you, Vivian!

– Lorrie T.

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Thank you so very much for your time with me on the phone as well as the advice. My son put the hose on the unit as you suggested, and we found a large box to work with. Your suggestions did work. I am so grateful and better rested. I have ordered a unit this morning and just wanted to thank you again for exemplary customer service to someone you were not even sure would become a customer. All so very rare these days. All good wishes for your growth. You certainly deserve it.

– Marie C

Hi Vivian I wanted to thank you for reassuring me of how well I would like your product when I purchased the 2 quiet fence pieces. It gave me piece of mind, as well as it helped me understand that you stood by your product and its effectiveness. I am very happy, it does make a noticeable difference, I will recommend quiet fence to others. I am able to use my patio and actually have a normal conversation instead of yelling at each other
Thanks again

– Juan R
Fort Collins, Colorado

Hi Ruh, Hope you had a nice (hot) holiday weekend! We put the fences up and I wanted to send you a couple pics! It went up very easily! Do you recommend taking it down each winter? Not only does it help deafen the sound of the two air conditioners, it also takes away the eyesore of the air conditioning units themselves. Now when I’m sitting in the living room I don’t have to turn up the volume on the TV or shut the patio door when the neighbor’s unit kicks on. Also, when we are sitting outside we can have a normal conversation without having to yell over the sound! Thank you so much for your help!

– Judy M

The only thing I hate about my home is the proximity of my two air conditioning units to my back patio. Their outdated and noisy units are about 20 feet from my patio table. We gradually found ourselves using the patio less and less because the noise was so disruptive. For 3 years I have searched for possible solutions to this problem to no avail. Three weeks ago I found Quiet Fence on the internet for the first time. I watched the brief video showing the difference that Quiet Fence could make and I was so excited! After a very helpful conversation with the owner I ordered 3 panels to put around the units.

We installed the panels last weekend AND IT JUST BLEW ME AWAY at the difference!! For the first time ever I am enjoying sitting on my patio even when the air conditioners are running full blast! My skeptical husband even agreed that they made a huge difference and suggested we purchase another unit to cover even more area. Now I can even dare to open my windows! I thought this problem was just unfixable but Quiet Fence proved me wrong!!
Thanks so very much

– Diane M.
Franklin, TN

I’m very happy with my new Quiet Fence. I have a very small patio so it has made a big improvement. The sound is not completely blocked but muffled to a pleasant level. The Quiet Fence improved the aesthetics of the patio. I have already recommended it to my friends.

– Joyce P
Columbus, OH


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