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What People Say About Our A/C Soundproofing Solution

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me on a recent Saturday to help me set up my Quiet Fence and even send me additional fence sections. My AC condensers are on the other side of my bedroom wall and the noise of the condenser kicking in would frequently wake my wife and me. It became a game of keeping the AC high and sleeping in a hot room or getting woken up. The Quiet Fence partitions have cut the noise level by at least 75% and now I have to be listening to hear the units kick in. You have a great product and awesome customer service. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

David K., Bridgehampton, NY

I searched the internet in desperation – wondering if there were any solutions. Thankfully, I came across Quiet Fence. I was sure it was too good to be true – but we took a chance. We ordered two units. My husband installed the units easily, and literally my outdoor life was transformed. The noise reduction was immediate and amazing. I have spent the spring and summer happily in my yard – barely noticing the sound of their unit.

Araby Thornewill, Louisville Kentucky

We installed the panels last weekend AND IT JUST BLEW ME AWAY at the difference!! For the first time ever, I am enjoying sitting on my patio even when the air conditioners are running full blast! I thought this problem was just unfixable but Quiet Fence proved me wrong!!

Diane M. Franklin, TN

I am very happy, it does make a noticeable difference, I will recommend quiet fence to others. I am able to use my patio and actually have a normal conversation instead of yelling at each other. Thanks again.

Juan R. Fort Collins Colorado

I’m very happy with my new Quiet Fence. I have a very small patio so it has made a big improvement. The sound is not completely blocked but muffled to a pleasant level. The Quiet Fence improved the aesthetics of the patio. I have already recommended it to my friends.

Joyce P, Columbus OH

Quiet Fence is the ORIGINAL patented A/C soundproofing solution to dampen, quiet, reduce, and block loud noises coming from your outside A/C, pool equipment, or small portable generator.

Our design, coupled with our exclusive Hushhh BloX® technology, gives you the latest in sound suppression engineering.

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