How It Works

Your air conditioner or pool equipment is generally sitting on some type of pad. the sound travel is what creates the problem for most homeowners.

Quiet Fence™ with exclusive Hushhh BloX® uses the same technology that sound recording studios use to block and absorb noise at the source.

  • Placing the Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen two (2) panel system in front of or around the equipment creates a barrier for the sound and traps the movement.
  • One Quiet Fence™ is a two panel system 43″ (h) x 48″ (w) fully open is hinged in the center.
  • When placing the Quiet Fence™ panel in either an “L” shape or “U” shape you minimize the directional travel of the noise and contain the sound.
  • The patented prism shape Hushhh BloX® design is why Quiet Fence™ technology helps at reducing the buzzing or humming noise from an air conditioner, pool pump, and pool heater for acoustic dampening.
  • Quiet Fence™ can be freestanding on your on/around your concrete pad or patio, or use lightweight fence stakes for a fixed permanent placement.
  • Fence stakes (36″) are available on our website.

Quiet Fence™ two panel Noise Screen center hinged


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Video of the QUIET FENCE™ at work

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