Quiet Fence™ 5-Minute Buyer’s Guide

While central residential air conditioner unit installations vary greatly, we have found that in most customers’ needs, the Quiet Fence™ 2-Pack solution is sufficient. However, because of nearly unlimited differences from home to home (not to mention customer needs), it may be helpful to first answer the following questions to best determine your solution before ordering. If you are ordering for pool equipment just follow the same formula.


There are FOUR basic conditions to consider, in determining your best solution:


Position– Where is your a/c relative to your house?

Shielding/Enclosure – Depending where the noise is traveling to, how many sides do you think you want to enclose?

Footprint– If you are standing in front of your A/C.  

  • A.) Measure the width of the unit.
  • B.) Measure the depth from the equipment from the front corner of the unit to the house. C.) Measure from the ground to the top of the unit.

Surface– The type of surface your equipment is sitting on

  • A.) Hard – Is your equipment on concrete/pavers and not on soil/dirt?
  • B.) Soft- Is there soil/dirt around the pad the unit sits on.


The simple questions below address EACH of the conditions outlined above.


* Before proceeding, if you have not already, take measurements of your AC unit’s “FOOTPRINT.” From a design perspective, the “FOOTPRINT” is the basic surface area covered by a particular object…however for our purpose it will also include the space between your AC unit (or its base, if on a soft, ground or gravel surface) and your house.


If you have any questions or would like to send us photos of your AC unit installation, you may do so at info@quietfence.com.