Quiet Fence™ 3-Pack

$ 424.65

3-Pack for $424.65. You will receive three (3) sets of Quiet Fence™ noise screens. Placing the Quiet Fence™ two-panel noise screen system in front of or around the equipment creates a barrier for the sound and traps the movement. Measure your equipment area to determine how many you may need. Most customer order 2 or…



Inches = 43 h X 48 w X 2-3/4 d
Centimeters = 109 h X 122 X 6.985 d

Color: Light Neutral

Quiet Your Noisy Air Conditioner!
Is Your Noisy Air Conditioner, Pool Equipment or Portable Generator Hampering Your Outside Enjoyment? This unit not only quiets the noise, but beautifies your outside area.
Hide Noisy and Unsightly Mechanical Units
Weatherproof Panel Blends with Environment
Durable and Inexpensive Units Last a Lifetime
(See installation instructions in our videos or photo gallery) Recommend placement- approximately 12″ away from A/C for proper air flow

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Light Neutral