Controlling and Blocking Sound

What can you do? How many of you have had to deal with the neighbor’s air conditioner being loud? How can I control and block sound?
Noisy neighbors are a common problem in a society where many people live closely together. This situation is a delicate one to deal with, requiring your ability to keep your calm, especially when discussing the noise with a neighbor.
The problem can be pronounced when you share walls or a floor/ceiling with a neighbor in an apartment, duplex, or condo. Homes in a neighborhood, may have a noisy neighbor who can make life strenuous, especially if the noise goes well into the night.
The best solution is you should first attempt to address noisy neighbors about controlling the noise. Be polite, even friendly. It can begin with a statement like, “You may not be aware” so that the noise is attributed merely to the person’s inability to recognize that the noise they make is invading your space. Explain briefly the noise from their air conditioner is bothering you and your family. You may want to add that if your a/c is bothering them too you could both rectify the issue and provide the solution that is amicable for all. If noisy neighbors respond in manner not pleasant, you may need to find a different way or addressing the problem.
Note not all neighbors are going to respond to your request, and some may respond in an offended manner. Loud air conditioners, pool pumps, and pool heaters are always something of a problem. We have a nice neighbor on the north side of our house and they are never home, so they have no idea how noisy their pool heater really is. We would like to put up a Quiet Fence (at our expense) to give us some relief.
The obvious solution is to work with them and to get this done, but they are travelers and that means we wait for the opportune time to work out the details. In gated communities or homes with associations, there are certain guidelines pertaining to deed restrictions. Being compliant is important and that may entail noise levels.
Sounds or noises that are usually defined in a noise ordinance are those commonly produced by residents, but many ordinances also include industrial and commercial facilities if they are located near residential areas. Local ordinance is designed to keep a community’s residents comfortable in their own homes. Basically if someone can hear noises while trying to sleep and those noises are intentionally caused by other residents in the area, he or she could report a violation of a noise ordinance. Many people have conflicting views of ordinances that limit sound, with the opposition claiming that such laws violate certain rights.
Pool pump, pool heater, and A/C equipment can be very loud. You may be asking, “What can I do”? You’ve had your HVAC technician check it out and all seems to be well, but the unit is still loud. We just heard this from a customer. She said she had her service man out and he told her there was nothing wrong with the equipment and its only 3 years old. She had another service company come and give her a second opinion. Both service companies said…it runs fine.
Her questions: Can Quiet Fence help? Can Quiet Fence make a difference? Quiet Fence is designed to reduce noise at the source and to dampen a noticeable level.
First we want to make sure the AC unit or pool equipment was not in a distinctive corner or has an overhang where an echo chamber is making hers to appear louder. We then ask if she could send some pictures to evaluate her application. Pictures give us a better idea of what some customers are dealing with to the degree that Quiet Fence may not effectively give them the results they are expecting.
Noisy equipment is never easy when it is affecting your daily lives. If you are having some any these problems, give us a call or send an email with photos and let one of our staff help you bring quiet to your home again. Call 888-393-1098 or email

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