Yes, we can help fix your LOUD home air conditioner!

Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen has helped many homeowner with their ac noise which is so upsetting to them and their neighbors. No one wants to hear noise continuously running in the background of your comfort area. You deal with noise all day long at work, and when you come home you expect once you walk through that door to have a time to relax. Maybe turn on the TV, sit back watch our favorite show, and then the humming or buzzing sound of the air conditioner comes on, changing everything. Or maybe when you are sleeping or trying sleep, and all of a sudden in the middle of your sleep you hear that continuous noise that keeps you awake. Your brain can’t turn off that sound.  Maybe it’s your pool equipment that is the culprit driving you up the wall.

What can you do about it if it is your neighbors stuff. You don’t want to create a problem with them, and you try to to suggest they may want to look into seeing why the thing is so loud, and they say it isn’t bothering them. You ask yourself, how is this possible? Now what?

We hear this each and everyday. What can I do? Will your product work for us? How much reduction can I expect?

Answers to the above questions are simple and yes we are the solution that works, and works well. Quiet Fence™ is specifically designed to reduce the decibel level significantly. Placing Quiet Fence™ with exclusive Hushhh BloX® technology in or around your a/c or pool equipment will get rid of the noise that is causing the problem and you can expect 9-11 decibel reduction.

Many municipalities are now changing their noise ordinances to cover how loud your ac can be in both day and night time. This number can be difficult for older units that have been running for years and now all of a sudden you must comply. We hear customers telling us they are faced with the citation of fixing the problem before they have to pay a fine or appear in court. Solution? You could buy a new air conditioner for several thousand dollars or you can purchase Quiet Fence™ to dampen the sound.

We know we can’t fix everyone’s problem, but more often than not we do.

If you are experiencing you loud ac, or if you are experiencing a loud pool pump or pool heater, we can help. Call  and speak with one of our  staff members to get  results for you today! Call 888-393-1098 or order online.