Hide AC vs Noise Reduction

Is hiding your AC more important than noise reduction? Seems like the new hype on social media is “how to hide your a/c and pool pump”.  So why this is so popular, is beyond amazement. Of course looking at your equipment is usually not a pretty sight, but neither is listening to the loud, noisy, hum, chug, brrrrr, thump, roarrrrr.  When we invented Quiet Fence™ it was purely out of need. Back in 2009 finding a NOISE REDUCTION solution was virtually impossible. Of course we tried all kinds of ideas, but didn’t seem to get the results we needed, so turning off the unit became our option when sitting outside. You know how that works. When you turn it back on it has to work harder to cool off the house to the correct temperature desired. Quiet Fence™ is your best air conditioner privacy fence. Nothing worse than a LOUD NOISY AIR CONDITIONER that is robbing you of your relaxing outdoor time or  nighttime sleep.

What is important is to have both QUIET and HIDE at the same time, which is where Quiet Fence™ comes in. We have years of satisfied customers that agree the need to have both is most important to them, and we have strived to achieve both.

What makes Quiet Fence™ work, is the patented interior for noise reduction. Our patented technology is the prism shape Hushhh Blox® that effectively contains the sound from travel and absorbing the noise.

So again, why hide? Why not. I think hiding your pool equipment or air conditioner is just as important as hiding your trash cans, or lawn equipment. No one wants to look at stuff in their yard.  Actually I think we hear and see more often than not how folks put all kind of things in front of their units. The new thing is using pallets. How does that work? Well, it does hide the unit, that is does. But pallets are less than effective in noise reduction. We have seen the results on pallets and wood fencing, and we know the decibel reduction is very low. It does help with keeping the kids away from the unit, but then so does landscaping.

What is the value of Quiet Fence™? Lasting results of years for noise…and hiding your air conditioner (A/C) or pool equipment. How about Quiet Fence™ for campers and RV using small generators? Commonly used for just that. When you are going to your special spot for camping or traveling across the country and staying at your favorite campsite, putting up Quiet Fence™ is a simple but effective solution for you and your neighbor with affective results.

Is hiding your AC more important than reducing the noise? If the answer is yes…With QUIET FENCE™ you can do it all. Hide, quiet , landscape and protect for debris. Questions? Call 888-393-1098 or info@quietfence.com