Is Noise From Your A/C or Pool Equipment A Problem For Your Community?

If noise from a/c or pool equipment is making you miserable, we can help. Before we invented QUIET FENCE™ there was no easy affordable solution for loud noisy air conditioners and pool equipment. The founders of Quiet Fence were experiencing that roaring, humming, and start-up clicking sounds not only from their a/c but from their neighbors a/c on each of of them. When using the patio it was less than a pleasurable experience. Searching the internet for something that was a simple easy process to just take down some of the noise, proved unsuccessful in finding a product.

This led them to the development of creating Quiet Fence™ noise screen with exclusive Hushhh BloX® technology for noise dampening. The inner side of Quiet Fence is the patented prism shape Hushh BloX® that drives the noise decibel to a reasonable and comprehensive level. Even when sitting directly on the patio and the air conditioner is nearby, the noise level is reduce and made much more comfortable.

Many communities/cities have noise ordinances in place, and understand how decibel levels from all kinds of equipment are a problem, but code is difficult to enforce. Quiet Fence has been useful in communities that experience longer heat seasons; such as in Florida who have air conditioners and pool equipment running year round. Communities (gated/deed restricted) and condominium associations have approved Quiet Fence because of it’s function and the attractive landscape feature it offers. Not only does it dampen the noise, it protects the equipment for grass clipping and sprinkler systems spray.

If you are experiencing noise from your a/c or maybe it’s your neighbor and they have mentioned to you your air conditioner is loud… we can help.
Call us or have your association contact us at 888-393-1098 or email us at [email protected] and we will gladly assist you.