What Can I Do? My A/C Is Loud!

If you are asking this question, it must be because you or your neighbor has an air conditioner that is loud enough to disturb you. The next question is how to help, and not spend a ton of money to get results.

Let me share with you some of the questions Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen customer care representatives hear every day.

Does Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen really work?

Is there anything that will change the way how well Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen can work?

Will it hurt my air conditioner unit?  Can I put it up myself?

Will I need an installer?

How many will I need?

The air conditioner is between two houses and is loud, are you sure it will reduce the noise?

I could go on and on about what we hear and how we answer each and every question. When you are experiencing that annoying noisy sound and it seems like it is coming from everywhere, what are you to do?

Let start with the questions.

Does Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen really work? Yes. Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen works and will work every time.

Is there anything that will change the how well Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen can work?  When placing Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen panels around your unit to dampen the sound travel you will want to consider a few things, such as the height of the equipment. If you have a taller a/c unit you may want to elevate Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen panels so they are higher than the unit, to modify the upward noise.  When elevating the panels it is always a good idea to add something at the bottom to avoid what we call under travel.  Some homes are very close to their neighbor’s house and the a/c is creating sound bounce . We have customers tell us their bedroom window is on the second floor and it sounds like the a/c is right in the bedroom. In that case the sound is actual acting as an echo chamber and it seem like it is intensified. Much like when you are on a boat on the water and it sounds louder than it truly is.

As a side note, you may want to perform a mock setup before purchasing Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen by using some type of substrate like cardboard as a temporary test to see how much noise you are removing. A box that a big screen tv comes in is a great testing device. When you hear how well those test results work for you with the box, then you can expect Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen to work much better, and offer stronger results that last for years and years.

Will it hurt my air conditioner unit?  Never.  Follow our recommended setup of placing Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen approximately 12″ away from the unit always gives proper air flow to the compressor.  Actually, when we request photos we are amazed how many folks have shrubs, bushes and stack things near the unit, restricting air flow.

Can I put it up myself? Yes you can. Many of our customers have the a/c right on the patio where it is a hard surface. In that case it is as simple as placing Quiet Fence™ around or in front of the unit. If the unit is sitting on a concrete base or slab and there is soil, gravel, or uneven surface, then you will want to have a more fixed placement of Quiet Fence™ using lightweight Fence Stakes. Either way it is very easy and simple to do.

Will I need an installer? You should not need anyone to help, unless you are unable to put the fence stake in the ground and attach to the predrilled holes and screw the Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen  panels to the stakes. Most any can. We have a video tutorial on the website to assist.

How many will I need? Depending on the dimensions of your unit (s) and how much you are you are planning to cover. Most customer enclose on three sides (what we call a square “U”) and that usually requires 2-4 panels to ensure full noise containment.   Please note that the panels must be placed so that the sound can not go under or around the sides, and close enough to the a/c or high enough so sound can’t bounce over the top.  One Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen set is a two panel system each panel is 24″ hinged in the center for a fully open wingspan of 48″ and is 43″ high. If you measure your equipment you should be able to determine the number of sets you will need. Or gallery shows several different customer setups that should help you with how you many want to place your Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen panel system.


If you have any unanswered questions about how to reduce your loud air condition or pool equipment, we would love to hear from you.

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