My Loud Noisy Air Conditioner Sounds Like Its Hitting The Wall

Is this your air conditioner?

Does it click on at the beginning of the cycle only to sound like a jet engine is running right outside your house? Do you feel there is nothing you can do but put up with it and just ignore it? If this is at your house or maybe your neighbor’s air conditioner causing you the grief…Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen can provide you with some much-needed help!

Hitting the wall

When sound hits something soft or movable the energy of the wavefront is dissipated in moving the object around. If the object is rigid, like a wall, two things happen. Part of the energy of the wavefront will set up a wavefront within the wall; just how big a part is transmitted this way depends on the material the wall is made of. The rest of the energy is reflected off the surface (house) according to the same rules that apply to light on a mirror.

Measuring outdoor noise is a difficult process. You have many factors to consider, such as trees, soffits,  roof overhang, or maybe a neighbor’s fence that is near your equipment causing a reflection of noise rather than absorption. Windows near the equipment is a consideration of whether Quiet Fence will reduce the transmission of noise travel through the window. We caution customers regarding this kind of noise containment.

How much noise can Quiet Fence reduce?

You should see a range of 9-11dB (A) based on environmental factors; Linear: resembling a line; straight. A reduction in the intensity of a sound beam to one-half of its original value is 3dB.  We have had reports of exceptional results with reductions of 20+ dB (A), but those are unusual results and in perfect conditions free of any reflected noise. A reduction in the intensity of a sound beam to one-quarter of its original value is – 6dB (A). When you measure noise levels with a noise meter, you measure the intensity of noise in units called decibels, expressed as dB(A).  A noise meter uses a display with a range and resolution to the ear level.

Lowering the noise level is important and homeowners have few options left, other than to just live with the problem. We have many satisfied homeowners throughout the USA and Canada for the past seven (12) years with exceptional results. QUIET FENCE™ Noise Screen WORKS!

Patented Quiet Fence™ with exclusive Hushhh BloX technology is the perfect solution for a/c, pool pump/pool equipment noise.

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