Pool Equipment and Air Conditioner Noise

Pool equipment and air conditioner noise levels have become the common problem with homeowners. Many deal with the issue trying not to have words with the neighbor and keep peace between each other. However, that problem is now solvable simply be blocking the noise and giving comfort to both parties, using QUIET FENCE.

Just last week we had a customer order 2 Quiet Fence units and told us, we sure hope this works because our neighbor is not happy with our a/c noise. We received a call that same week and the customer said… “do you remember me, I ordered two of your fences”? I replied yes, I remember you, and he then told me his story. Quiet Fence arrived at their home and they quickly placed them around the unit. They were expecting reduction (and to make the neighbor happy) and was skeptic at whether our product would do as much as described on our website, but was amazed how much his level of sound dropped. He ask me do you know we measured this and it was double what you told me. I told him that environmental surroundings have an impact on each application. He said my neighbor is astonished and we want to order two more so we can put it around his unit and that will make me happy too.

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We know Quiet Fence is perfect for most homeowners and offers relief from your a/c and pool equipment noise. In almost every situation we have satisfied our customers with the easiest affordable solution. Order your Quiet Fence solution today online at quietfence.com or call 888-393-1098

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