How to Quiet Your Portable Generator When Camping

Camping and Portable Generators. Can They Co-Exist?

Folks have all kinds of different reasons for going camping. For most, the desire to “get away from it all,” away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives, away from all the NOISE, tops the list. So it’s no wonder why camping next to someone with a noisy generator can be such an irritant. Or maybe you’re the one with the noisy generator, attracting the wrath of all those “haters!”

Here are a few ways for you to “hush up” that noisy generator. Feel free to share our blog post with those irritating noise-makers camped next to you.

Options include:

  1. Investing in Solar power – For silent, clean, and safe-to-use power, portable solar generation is a great option, particularly when camping in areas with lots of sunlight, like the Southwest U.S. and Florida. Boaters and RVers have been using this technology for years.  Systems with around 1000 watts of power cost upwards of $4000, but getting better and cheaper all the time. That doesn’t include batteries, but once you have purchased it, it’s free power.
  2. Buying a new quiet, portable generator – Save up and buy a really nice quiet and portable generator that is designed to run quietly. Not only will these generators run quieter, but they are also usually engineered better which means that they will probably be more fuel efficient and last longer. Be prepared to spend $1000 and up.
  3. Building a plywood tent around your generator – If you have a stationary generator, you can build a plywood enclosure around it to slightly reduce the sound. Make sure there are still vent areas so that both portable and non-portable generators are able to breathe. This option doesn’t always work so well, the wood gets nasty and is heavy, and really doesn’t look very good.
  4. Using your Quiet Fence and a $300 conventional portable generator. – You already know how effectively Quiet Fence hushes noise. Buy a second set, pack it along with your camping gear, and use it with your less expensive and much more powerful portable generator. Problem solved for under $300.

How well will Quiet Fence™ noise screen hush your generator? Watch our video for a demonstration.

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