We can help you reduce your a/c from being so loud!

People ask us all the time “how much noise will Quiet Fence ™ noise screen really screen?” and “Will it stop my loud a/c from waking me up?”

The answer is yes it can help solve the noise problem waking you and you should see a range of 9-11dB(A) based on environmental factors.  We have had reports of exceptional results with reductions of 20+ dB(A), but 20 is unusual results and in perfect conditions free of any reflected noise.  We try to help everyone understand how the sound travels.  The obvious way is a straight line, and Quiet Fence ™ blocks that noise the instant it is put in place.  This is how people actually get 20 dB(A) reductions. The secondary sources from reflected noise is also quite strong and needs to be addressed.  This is our more typical customer.  Look for 90 degree corners on overhead soffits, fencing and in hardscape landscaping and think if these areas need to be screened as well.  Most customers need 2 or more units, and in our photo gallery, that’s what a great deal of the photos in the gallery of “Great Results” show.  See our BUYERS GUIDE for selecting the correct amount for your units.  We have a saying that Quiet Fence™ always works and it does.  Let us know what you situation is and how things are arraigned and we are ready to help.  Sending pictures is usually a great way and you can send them to [email protected].

Lowering the noise level is important and homeowners had few options left other than to just live with the problem. QUIET FENCE WORKS!  We have satisfied numerous homeowners throughout the USA and Canada for the past ten (10) years with exceptional results.

We can’t stop all the noise, but we can stop loud a/c noise and pool equipment from being quite as loud, and help you get a little more peace and quiet.

Call us today, at 888-393-1098  or and get the peace and quiet started, stop the a/c noise with Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen!