You Don’t Have To Have Noise.

Spring 2016 is almost here.  The weather in most of the USA has been fairly mild this year and that is good news for your wallet. The savings on heat bills is a significant in the household budget, allowing you to make some decisions that otherwise might not have been in your immediate plans.  With springtime, comes the thought of using the a/c, and maybe you just remembered how loud the air conditioner was last year. You may have wanted to do something then but didn’t have the extra money to spend on making it quieter.  How to quiet noisy A/C compressor? Containing the noise is a huge problem.  How can be done?  We have given many customers the peace and quiet they were searching for by placing patented Quiet Fence™ with Hushhh BloX® prism shape technology around the unit(s) reducing the noise level several decibels.

A couple common question we hear:

  1. Are you sure this will work?   ANSWER: Yes. We have supplied thousands of families for over seven (7) years and have a proven track record with the effectiveness of Quiet Fence™.
  2. How does Quiet Fence work?  Answer: Sound travel is directional and can be contained. Quiet Fence is designed with interior prism shape noise suppressors that dampen those levels. Its much like cupping your hands over your ears to block the noise.
  3. Are there any environmental problems that can change the dynamics of Quiet Fence. Answer: We do know that homes that have a larger soffit (overhang from the roof) can become an issue, but Quiet Fence will still give you relief.  That soffit problem will still be there and louder without Quiet Fence, so placing Quiet Fence™ is still a good solution.

Maybe it’s not your a/c (air conditioner) that is causing all the noise, but it is your pool equipment. More that 50% of Quiet Fence customers are dealing with loud pool pump/heater that runs frequently. We recently had a customer say; Noise is noise, it doesn’t matter where its coming from, it matters how you can get rid of it. Pool equipment can be very noisy. That can be a pretty big deal. It can be especially if you are trying to so when it is your loud neighbors and not your stuff causing the problem. Pool heaters tend to run long and its a different pitch than an air conditioner. They have more of whining or humming sound. Our customers tell us it sounds like its piped into their house. Now that’s not funny, but we get the picture of how loud it can be.

Regardless of of what the equipment noise is you need to dampen, Quiet Fence is the original home noise screen and barrier to reduce, dampen, and quiet that loud noisy HVAC unit or Pool equipment.

We are the affordable solution. Order online today and take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer when ordering two (2) or more in the 48 continental states. or call 888-393-1098