What Can I Do About The Loud A/C Pool Pump & Pool Heater?

Pool pump, pool heater, and A/C equipment can be very loud. You may be asking, “What can I do”?  Is it the buzzing, or the humming, or the whining sound that is making you lose sleep? Is it the start up click-on sound that instantly makes you open your eyes, and now that’s all you hear for the rest of the night? And, not just this night; but now every time it comes on and your ears are tuned to the “click-on” sound.
Questions: Can Quiet Fence help? Can Quiet Fence make a difference? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Quiet Fence is designed to reduce noise at the source, and to dampen to a noticeable level. Hurrah! Sleep is back!
First, we want to make sure the AC unit or pool equipment was not in a distinctive corner or has an overhang where an echo chamber is making it appear louder.

Will placing Quiet Fence damage my unit (s) and can how close can I place them? No! Quiet Fence will not damage your unit (s) but will assist in longer life of your equipment by protecting it from shrubs growing into the unit and keeping the grassing clipping from collecting and holding the moisture on the unit itself.  A couple things you can do. When mowing the lawn, direct the mower away from the unit. Keep the outdoor condenser coils clean. We recommend using your garden hose to clean your units periodically, and this will make your technician will be happy too. A coil blocked with grass clippings and debris drastically reduces the efficiency.

Some folks have landscaping around their units, and that is a fine of  trying to hide the equipment. Some homeowners just let the bushes and grass clipping attack the unit and wonder why it is getting louder.

Quiet Fence will provide a  sound barrier and shading for the long hours in the sun, and protect your equipment, plus you can still get into the equipment area for cleaning and servicing.

If you are not sure whether Quiet Fence will work with your situation or maybe you have corners and window that re in question as to the effectiveness of Quiet Fence, then we then ask if you could send some pictures to evaluate your application. Pictures give us a better idea of what some customers are dealing with, and then we can provide the best solution for you.
Noisy equipment is never easy when it is affecting your daily lives. If you are experiencing some or any these problems, give us a call, or send an email with photos; and let our staff help you to bring quiet back into your home. Call 888-393-1098 or email [email protected]

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