What causes my air conditioner to rust early?

It’s early morning and your lawn sprinkler comes on just like you want it to and gives your lawn that drink of water it needs to make it grow and maintain its healthy look. When your sprinkler system sprays, it may be hitting your air conditioner unit causing corrosion and rust. Many homeowner use wells to water their lawn and that water can also be corrosive, and can cause damage to air conditioning housings and other appliances. Coastal areas can have high salt contents that cause staining to concrete and sides of houses. This can cause rust stains on your driveway and is the same corrosive compounds that is damaging you’re a/c unit.
Our neighbor had that exact same problem. He was shortening the life of his unit. The whole bottom of the a/c unit is rusting away. The grass clipping were also trapped under the unit adding more moisture, exacerbating the problem. So you may be wonder if this is happening to your a/c unit, and can you do anything to resolve this? The answer is yes!
Quiet Fence™ will keep the sprinklers from hitting your air conditioner, pool heater, and pool pumps as well as keeping out the grass clippings and other debris that causes premature failure and robs your equipment of much of its efficiency.

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