Why Did We Invent Quiet Fence™ Noise Screen?
Because Of Noisy A/C & Pool Equipment!

We know there are all types of different equipment that people have outdoors. We have air conditioners, pool heaters, pool pumps, and generators making loud noises when we are trying to relax, eat, talk or just having fun. This equipment that is so important to making our lives better, starts running and makes all the noise, it takes away the fun we are trying to have nearby.
That’s why we invented Quiet Fence™ noise screen with exclusive Hushhh BloX® technology.
Lets discuss the questions some people have. “Doesn’t that block the air flow, and won’t that damage my equipment?”
The answer is NO; Quiet Fence will never damage your equipment. Simply placing Quiet Fence approximately 12″ away from your air conditioner will give you the proper air flow, and even when using Quiet Fence on three sides you still have open top for circulation.
How much noise can Quiet Fence reduce?

You should see a range of 9-11dB(A) based on environmental factors.  We have had reports of exceptional results with reductions of 20+ dB(A), but those are unusual results and in perfect conditions free of any reflected noise.  Lowering the noise level is important and homeowners had few options left other than to just live with the problem. We have satisfied numerous homeowners throughout the USA and Canada for the past six (6) years with exceptional results. QUIET FENCE WORKS!

What about my landscape?
When used as directed, Quiet Fence™ products not only blocks noise, it blocks the grass clippings and plant parts from blocking the fine metal fins that actually do the work of cooling your house and warming your pool, from becoming blocked, which increases the efficiency of you equipment. Lots of homes that have irrigation systems will also benefit from keeping the water that was being sprayed off of your units. This water sometimes has very high levels of different compounds that rust out the units in a very short period of time. These compounds are the same ones that can turn your sidewalks and driveways brown.
Quiet Fence™ noise screen can even help by just blocking the sun. Many homes have air conditioners absorbing the hot sun all day long making the cooling work a little harder, and fighting what you’re trying to achieve. Placing Quiet Fence™ noise shield around the unit can help keep your equipment in the shade most of the day and protects it from grass clippings, sprinklers, plants, and everything that bother your equipment affecting the sides. Quiet Fence™ noise screen can block them all… and the noise.

Quiet Fence around air conditioner
Quiet Fence stops the noisy A/C

(shown with 2 Quiet Fence)
Make your life quieter, order QUIET FENCE and  make your equipment run better and last longer.
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